Heart Humanity

Here to promote and celebrate what makes us Human—Empathy, Compassion, Kindness, and Love.

My Role: Co-Founder, Co-Creative Director & Front-end Developer

The Team: Me & Co-Founder

The challenge: Create a way to reinforce people’s positive behavior in public while being discreet and sharing these experiences online. The timeline was one month.

My role & approach: Years before Heart Humanity, I had the idea to create some stickers with positive messages that would ultimately be the seed for it. Early on I realized I didn’t want to work on this project alone. I decided to ask my girlfriend if she wanted to partner with me. She was very passionate about social good design and I felt she'd be a great partner. At that point, I already had the name and url for Heart Humanity. Our next steps were to create the brand, mission, website, stickers, and social media strategy. We broke up tasks to make sure we could meet our timeline. She took on the branding and web design. I took on the coding, social media setup, and finding a sticker vendor. Together we both worked on the mission statement and other copy. And we spent several sessions working through ideas and testing. Our first project as Heart Humanity was to hand out “Thanks for being a good human” stickers to people we observed doing something nice for someone. This meant we needed to pay more attention to people.

The impact: Working on Heart Humanity gave me a new opportunity to share positivity with people I didn't know. Doing the sticker project made us more conscious of our surroundings and the people around us. We have given stickers to thousands of people all over the world. For several years I had a goal to find one person every day and give one sticker. And to this day, I still carry stickers with me. Sharing these experiences online was more difficult than we expected. We found our encounters were so quick that trying to get a person’s story ended up taking away from the initial act– so we stopped. But regardless some people ended up sharing their experiences and even used a hashtag we created. This felt more inline with our mission to spread a message of love, empathy and compassion.

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Heart Humanity homepage with mission statement.

Image Caption: Heart Humanity, "Thanks for being a good human" sticker in temple at Burningman 2015.

Image Caption: Heart Humanity, "Thanks for being a good human" orange and purple stickers.

Image Caption: A man holding a "Thanks for being a good human" sticker that I gave him for running to save someone's camera lens cover from falling into the LA river.

Image Caption: One of many Heart Humanity stickers that have been posted and shared around the world to acknowledge positive actions.

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