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for work
I met Rodrigo several years back at an accessibility camp I was hosting in New York City. Rodrigo immediately stood out as a person that cares deeply about making the world a better place. It was obvious that we should work together for our shared goals of improving access to technology for people with disabilities. I love the positive energy he brings to our team and his desire to keep learning to make digital experiences accessible. I celebrate his work redesigning our Equal Entry website and in bringing his UX knowledge and visual design skills to multiple aspects of our work. Rodrigo has demonstrated excellence in evaluating technologies to improve their accessibility and overall usability. In other words, HE'S GREAT!
Thomas Logan Owner, Equal Entry
I have had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo on several Equal Entry projects. For Equal Entry directly I got to see his designer skills and as we worked on client projects his accessibility testing skills. Rodrigo is professional, easy to work with, takes feedback well and brings great skills to the table. I always look forward to projects we are on together.
Heather BurnsAccessibility Consultant, Equal Entry
I had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo at Weight Watchers on several initiatives. He is a 10X designer and I can't recommend him highly enough. I'm a huge fan of him, his work, and his results-driven approach. He is hard-working, focused, dynamic, upbeat, energetic, and a ton of fun. He has a natural ability to gain the trust and respect of his peers and always brings his own fun-loving personality to the team dynamic. I'm proud to have worked with him before and I look forward to working with him again.
Chris Deptula Director, PMO, Weight Watchers
I loved working with Rodrigo for many reasons - starting with his great energy. He infuses teams with curiosity and good cheer. He strives unflaggingly to create the best experience for users. And he brings a seemingly endless web of connections -- to both ideas and people -- to benefit everything he touches. I envy the next team who gets to work with Rodrigo.
Beth O HerbertDirector of Product Management, Weight Watchers
I’ve known Rodrigo for the past few years. First as front end HTML developer and then as UX designer. He directly reported to me for the past year. Everyone loves working with Rodrigo. He is acknowledged for having the member in mind, empathy and collaboration skills. All key characteristics of a good UX designer. He is recognized as hard working who isn’t afraid to jump right in and get to work. He keeps an eye on industry trends and communicates these ideas when he feels his teams can benefit. Due to his front-end experience, he is effective in communicating changes to both front end and engineering counterparts. This past year, I watched Rodrigo navigate ambiguity among external teams and blockers effectively to draw priorities and get answers. He was successful in working with his team to create quality wireframes and communicate changes to new developers in an environment that consisted of ever-changing requirements, multiple players and moving timelines. With his “can-do attitude”, Rodrigo jumped in to get items complete. He is admired for his “extremely even tempered nature” and his ability to keep his team aware of impacts to deliverables.
Kimberly CassidyAssociate Creative Director UX, Weight Watchers
I had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo for three years. He has a strong understanding of UX, UI, and Front-End Development. During our time working together we had several ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) focused projects. Not only does this provide a unique point of view on what users might need, it also reinforces clean, semantic, and functional coding. Rodrigo is one of the most organized people I have ever met. He has excellent time management skills and strongly believes in following process – while still being able to think on his feet and adjust to any situation. He immerses himself in the design and development community which gives him a great understanding of the industry and where it's going. With his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others, he will most likely be at the forefront of the next big thing. Rodrigo would be a great asset to any team. I hope to work with him again in the future.
Sean VinciFront-end Developer, Weight Watchers
Rodrigo is one of the greats. That's not hyperbole - it's fact. I collaborated with him on several projects and he never failed to deliver standout work. But what really sets Rodrigo apart is his calm, positive energy. He keeps his cool (and more importantly, his sense of humor) regardless of stress, deadlines, general office craziness... Honestly, I can't imagine a better teammate.
Alisha McKinney Content Director, Weight Watchers
Customer centric, solution oriented, always on top of industry trends - that's how I would describe Rodrigo in a nutshell. Rodrigo is a terrific collaborative UX counterpart to have because he doesn't just think about usability, he believes in the overall product. I would highly recommend Rodrigo for any UI/UX position and hope that we can work together in the future.
Virgilia Pruthi Product Manager, Weight Watchers
In my former capacity as Executive Director of the Spirituality for Kids program internationally, I had the benefit of working with Rodrigo for several years. As a graphic designer for SFK, Rodrigo always produced innovative and compelling designs for a wide range of our products (e.g. curricula, classroom materials, brochures, posters). He played an essential role on our team (both within NYC and internationally). Always willing to take on new and challenging projects, Rodrigo helped to motivate those around him consistently. In tackling new assignments, he worked independently, requiring little guidance. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Rodrigo to other organizations.
Heath Grant CEO, Spirituality for Kids
Rodrigo redesigned my website that was 3 years old. I was very pleased with the results and found Rodrigo very easy to work with and talk to. He listened to my concerns and misgivings about my first website and he addressed all my concerns in a very timely and patient fashion. I am not a :"techie' and most of this jargon is Greek to me but Rodrigo was incredibly patient in explaining everything to me. He also had a number of very good ideas which I found exciting-Rodrigo comes with my highest recommendations.
Dr. Cynthia Gomez DDS Owner, Dental Implants in the City
I had the pleasure of work with Rodrigo at HomeandLiving.com where he started as a Customer Service Manager where he led a 5 person team. Parts of his responsibilities were to implementing support processes that automated most of the work and could be scaled in the future. He has a strong work ethic, led by example and provided guidance to the entire organization. During the latter part of his tenure with the company he was promoted to Vice President in charge of Web Development. His responsibilities included a complete redesign of the website user interface and logo. That fact that at such a young age was given such an important job shows his maturity and skill level. I would jump at the chance to work with Rodrigo in any capacity.
Jaime Esper Operations Manager, HomeAndLiving.com
I always found Rodrigo Sanchez to be an inventive, creative graphic artist who always worked very hard for our department while I was at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Rodrigo is consistent in his follow-through of projects assigned to him--and always positive and enthusiastic. A great addition to any creative team.
Michael Frandy Graphic Artist, Jazz at Lincoln Center
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