People doing the right thing for humanity.

My Role: Visual Designer

The Team: Me & Reviewers

The challenge: At the time, it was to anonymously create thought-provoking visuals, sometimes taking existing campaigns and changing the conversations to be more focused on uniting us as humans.

My role & approach: To take imagery, ideas and thoughts and create graphics that could easily be shared on the internet. I looked at how to reframe things while observing them from a lens of love for people using simple language to get the point across. The anonymous Tumblr was For Humanity’s Sake and others were posted on my @RodrigoSanchez Medium page and also my Facebook page.

The impact: This pushed me to think deeper about my role in society as well as people’s roles, but mainly it helped me realize that I needed to learn more about myself and history to understand people and why we do the things we do.

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Image Caption: Donation graphics for organizations fighting the Trump administration's rhetoric. You can find them here.


Image Caption: Before and after: Ad for breast augmentation on NYC subways shaming women with small breasts converted to a version promoting their beauty.


Image Caption: A red dollar bill with the quote “Economic power is political power, and under capitalism the owners of capital will always have the capacity to undermine popular democracy–no matter who’s in Congress or the White House.”


Image Caption: A graphic showing Putin, Trump and Zuckerberg in front of Facebook’s Hacker Way sign for a post about the documentary Icarus.


Image Caption: Before and after: Ad for Sprite with hip hop icons Nas, Rakim and Drake converted to an ad of them promoting a fictional solar panel company instead.


Image Caption: A graphic for a post about divestment showing a dollar sign with an oil drill on top spilling oil onto it.

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